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10 August 2009 @ 05:51 pm
Jaken minus vampirism - official statement  
I decided a long time ago that Jaken is no longer a vampire. Why? cause he has no characteristics of a vamp...at all.

He started out as one, but as time went on, I started taking things away. 

-I took away the sun hurting him because I figured he needed more then just night time to stalk them.

-He never really drank blood either...


and then with no other real weaknesses, eh...yeah it just kinda fell away from him. I didn't want people coming to me and saying 'you ruined the good name of vampire ahhhhhh!' cause, I would never want to do that.

so, with that, the vampire race dies. There are now only 3 races in FoD, Sorcerers, Elementalists (name pending) and Humans (name pending?) 

What happened to Ninjas? yeeeah same reason as with the vamps, I didnt want to spoil the name that is Ninja (though Naruto beat me to it) 

I chose Elementalists because this race focuses on using the elements, but really the name is panding, though I have a feeling I may have to stick with it.

random FoD blog, signing out

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