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For those of you who have been following this account, no more entries will be made by Crimsonfatestar. She was murdered on September 11, 2009 just about a week after her last entry. This is her mother. She was taken way too soon.

dreamscape vampires?

Dreamscape vampires are essentially astral vampires that are able to enter into a person's dream, and feed from the life-force energies within the dream. They can be invisible observers in the dream, or they can manifest themselves within the dream. Some are able to influence the course of the dream.

well I'll be damned...

Maybe Jaken IS a vampire afterall XD

Kairi heart

YAAAAAY wig!!!!

It came in!!! I was getting worried cause there was no info about the package on the website and then all of a sudden, it just arrived at my door!! awesome!!! 

I look strange with black hair, but I like it!!

It's for my Rei cosplay.

I still have to finish the top, then I'll be done woo! now that I look the bangs are too long....but I can't bring myself to cut this wig, I love it too much! I love it especially when it's in my eyes, gaaaah!


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this is why we can't have nice things!!

Jaken minus vampirism - official statement

I decided a long time ago that Jaken is no longer a vampire. Why? cause he has no characteristics of a all.

He started out as one, but as time went on, I started taking things away. 

-I took away the sun hurting him because I figured he needed more then just night time to stalk them.

-He never really drank blood either...


and then with no other real weaknesses, eh...yeah it just kinda fell away from him. I didn't want people coming to me and saying 'you ruined the good name of vampire ahhhhhh!' cause, I would never want to do that.

so, with that, the vampire race dies. There are now only 3 races in FoD, Sorcerers, Elementalists (name pending) and Humans (name pending?) 

What happened to Ninjas? yeeeah same reason as with the vamps, I didnt want to spoil the name that is Ninja (though Naruto beat me to it) 

I chose Elementalists because this race focuses on using the elements, but really the name is panding, though I have a feeling I may have to stick with it.

random FoD blog, signing out


Half Blood Prince

there's a reason why I waited this long to finally see the movie; cause I wanted to see it in Imax and the theatre around us didn't offer it in Imax till the 29th (freakin Transformers) so yeah, went and saw it.

I...I really really liked it!

I mean, it seemed different in a way, but the acting was top notch. I thoroughly enjoyed just about everything in this movie, it was very entertaining. I think they hardly used the Imax feature though....I mean, in Tranformers Imax there were times when I thought the robots were going to swallow me, cause the SCREEN was going to swallow me. this time, they didn't even take advantage of all the screen space. I was so looking forward to feel like I was flying over the ocean when they were on the rock, but...nope....dang...

the first 15 minutes of it was in 3D though, which I guess is pretty cool but there wasn't much to really put in 3D so....yeah....

but speaking of the first 15 minutes, I really loved how they pretty much just continued straight from HP5, leaving you with that dread of 'oh right, he died...' that was

makes me look forward to the final

a REAL vampire movie

just finished watching 'Let the right one in' and daaaaamn!

I already know I have to watch it again to get all the plot points down, but it was touching, emotional, sweet, intense...pretty much what a vampire love story is supposed to be! but most of all, it was so real. I imagine this could happen if vamps existed. And furthermore, this vamp didn't bother going to school, she killed when needed, lived off of HUMANS, and freaking BURNED in the sunlight. I also loved what happened to her when she went into a house without an invitation. CREEPY. and when she killed people o____o *shudders*

so yes :3

and......LJ is still running the AI ads with my artwork. see?



Homework Assignment

Homework assignment:  find a picture of 3D that you find really bad.

ZING!! take THAT Twilight fanbase XD

(seriously though, wtf is up with this wolf!? it's horrible! and then there's this-->

someone please shoot me.)

Seriously someone actually said that the wolves looked more realistic because they did it CG. wtf. they'd be better off using dogs.
fuuka back


Just realized that Jisuk had tagged me. here we go.

Letter meme
1. Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter.
2. Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter.
3. Post the list in your journal.
4. Give out letters to those who comment in return.


Actually, I like manga more, but when you find a reeeeally good series, my inner fangirl comes out....YAY 8D

mmmmm I love it so!

Her art has inspired me for years. I will continue to stalk love her.

from Persona 4. that lovable..........goofy.......BASTARD

I love the way things were built back then, so unique. I also love the lovely look of them =)

COME BAAAAACK!!!! D: the converter boxes SUCK!!! they are useless! I have no tv now! It was better with crappy analog! *tear*

Assassin's Creed
Amazing game, and great design. Can't wait for the 2nd one!

cause you gotta admit, asshole he may be, he is one smexy beast of a character 8D

It's when spring comes and it's the month I was born in! How much better can it get =)

Well...the astrological sign really, cause I am one, but what the heck, Aerith is cool too!

(Special number 11--Aerith)
cause ........ its FF7 and shes dead. everyone loves a dead chick.

wow this actually turned out to be a good letter!!